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Lifestyle medicine (LM) what is it?

LM is a branch of medicine focused on preventive healthcare and self-care dealing with prevention, research, education, and treatment of disorders caused by disorders caused by lifestyle factors and preventable causes of death such as nutrition, physical inactivity, chronic stress, and self-destructive behaviors including the consumption of tobacco and drug or alcohol abuse.

 The goal of LM is to improve individuals' health and wellbeing by applying the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine (nutrition, regular exercise, restorative sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substances, and positive social connection) to prevent chronic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity. By focusing on these 6 areas to improve health, LM can prevent 80% of chronic illnesses and non-communicable diseases.


Natural. Holistic. Plant-Based.

Medicinal Cannabinoids (CBD oil & THC)

Conventional treatment methods aren’t suitable for everyone. Natural alternative treatment options for some of the most common medical conditions. If your condition isn’t listed below, we might still be able to help.


Pain Symptoms                                Mental Health                                      Sleep Disorders

Weight loss/Weight gain         Neurological Conditions                             Anxiety

Am I eligible for medicinal cannabis?

  • You meet one or more of the medical conditions listed above, or something else we may still be able to help?

  • You are not currently breastfeeding or pregnant?

  • Are you or the person you are enquiring about over the age of 16 years?

If you responded 'Yes' to these 3 questions. You could be eligible for Medicinal Cannabis*. *To be confirmed by the doctor during your initial consultation.

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